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Spatial Dispositions

Aldo Giannotti

Aldo Giannotti  

A performative Book-Presentation

Monday, June 8, 7pm


Praterstrasse 13/1/2, A-1020 Wien

Presented by:
Aldo Giannotti, artist
Emanuele Guidi, artistic director of ar/ge kunst
Giorgio Palma, author
Beatrix Bacondy, graphic designer
Silvia Jaklitsch, publisher

Spatial Dispositions is an open and ongoing research project conducted by Aldo Giannotti in dialogue with various art institutions and spaces. This book, the first chapter of the project, is published to coincide with Giannotti‘s research at ar/ge kunst, Bolzano.
The Book is published by Verlag für moderne Kunst and produced in collaboration with Ar/ge kunst Galerie Museum.

Only today: Book with personalized drawing: 20 EURO !