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Juliette Blightman Adam Christensen Matthew Dickman Patrizio Di Massimo Nick Mauss Eddie Peake Zoe Williams


Juliette Blightman
Adam Christensen                     Pierre Ambroise François Choderlos de Laclos
Matthew Dickman                      Gabriele D’Annunzio
Patrizio Di Massimo       &         Anaïs Nin
Nick Mauss 
Eddie Peake                              Oscar Wilde
Zoe Williams

Curated by Vincent Honoré

My love comes to me
in ribbons and robes
roses and thorns
foxes and crows He tells me he loves me
by the end of his whip
my loneliness flickers
like a candle once lit Love is a very good dog, my love
love is a very good dog,
love is a very good dog my love
a very good, very good, dog My lover knows me
by zippers and chains,
cocaine and lipstick,
sheets white and stained Oh love is a very good dog, my love
a very good, very good, dog He loves me when I beg and sit,
I come when he calls me,
I come undone,
I come whimpering and clean
I burn down the forest and conquer the sea Oh love is a very good dog, my love
love is a very good dog,
love is a very good dog my love,
a very good, very good, dog

, 2015. Matthew Dickman

Impossible Love
is a portrait of a feeling to come, a story that speaks about the immateriality of desire and its blues. An accumulation of disrupted temporalities creates the setting for an essentially performative project. Invited artists, actors, poets, musicians and performers create an utmost decadent representation of a hopelessness to be most hunted, and never possessed. An exhibition should be an organism–in essence - unnameable, like a feeling that should never cease to constitute or to escape itself: an exhibition should be a desire. In this sense, the proposed exhibition is an experience more of loss than of accumulation, facing immateriality more than gathering objects: a constant loss of its own sense, at least. Whatever its protocols, its procedures, its strategies, I understand this exhibition to be a system of desires and, in fact, a pluralist history with multiple temporalities. As curator, my role is to be its narrator, to understand its failures and tell its story. What we will create is an impossible museum, a museum not of objects but of stories. “The work [in this museum] draw whoever devotes himself to [them] towards the point where [they] undergo the ordeal of impossibility: an experience which is precisely nocturnal, which is that of the night” (Maurice Blanchot). What we will create is a fiction: we will tell the story of a feeling to come. 

Impossible Love
11 September - 17 October 2015
Private view: 10 September from 6-10 pm


Impossible Love is an exhibition composed and produced by Vincent Honoré with Nicoletta Lambertucci

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Eine Veranstaltung der Reihe curated by_vienna 2015 - "Tomorrow Today"


Juliette Blightman
(b.1980, UK) lives in Berlin. Juliette works with film, performance and installation, and more recently with oils, gouaches and acrylics images presenting innocuous moments of everyday life, where the eventless in the action conveys a natural intimacy of a suspended moment. 

Adam Christensen
(b.1979, UK) lives in London. Adam works with sculpture, performance, video and text works, and performs with the band Ectopia. Adam uses his own presence to create uncanny fictions while mixing improbable and sensual romances with queer existentialism and obsessions. 

Patrizio Di Massimo
(b.1983, IT) lives in London. Patrizio works with paintings, installations and performance using a variety of materials and techniques. The relation between the personal and the universal history constructs parallel narratives populated by mythical figures floating in sensual landscapes of pleasure.

Matthew Dickman
is an American poet, author of All-American Poem (American Poetry Review/ Copper Canyon Press, 2008), 50 American Plays (co-written with his twin brother Michael Dickman, Copper Canyon Press, 2012), and Mayakovsky’s Revolver (W.W. Norton & Co, 2012). Matthew lives in Portland, Oregon. His poetry is delivered with both conversational fluidity and instinctive intellect; A feeling of resourcelessness occupies most of his writings, looking at reality with an acute sense of loss.

Vincent Honoré
lives in London. Vincent is a curator and publisher and he is director and chief curator of DRAF (David Roberts Art Foundation) in London. His programme of exhibitions and events is informed by different disciplines, including dance, literature and music, to explore and question how exhibitions can function as process. 

Nicoletta Lambertucci
lives in London. Nicoletta is curator of DRAF (David Roberts Art Foundation) in London.

Nick Mauss
(b.1980, USA) lives in New York. Nick employs a variety of materials including paper, glaze, ceramic, textile and works with drawings, paintings and prints that often take on sculptural mode in their presentation. Nick has a dream-like, incantatory, mechanistic approach to art-making where ideas, memories, influences float inadvertently to the surface.

Eddie Peake
(b.1981, UK) lives in London. Eddie’s artistic expressions include performance, video, photography, painting, sculpture and installation. He plays with the spaces of ambiguity that exists in gender categorization and sexual identities investigating the processes between the verbal and the nonverbal communication modes. 

Zoe Williams
(b.1983, UK) is based in Glasgow and London. Zoe’s practice is primarily concerned with the creation of immersive environments and objects that hold a veneer of seduction, and seek to access the cerebral through sensual experience.   


Thanks to all the artists who have contributed works to the exhibition, and also their galleries, for their trust and commitment. We wish to thank Hannah Uprichard for kindly lending her exquisite jewellery on this occasion.

Adam Christensen "Impossible Love", 2015. Acrylic on wood. 8 x 10 cm. Courtesy the artist